31.01 2020

What are the most spiritual astrological signs?

Image What are the most spiritual astrological signs?

Astrological signs are designed and written according to the influence of the planet which rules over the month when an individual was born.

Therefore, they reveal some information about their characteristics, interests and spiritual life. Some signs are less spiritual than the others because of the differences in the governing power. The main purpose of this article is to see which astrological signs are the most spiritual ones?

Virgo - August 24rd - September 22nd

The ruling planet of Virgo is planet Mercury. Virgos are characterized by their deep sense of humanity. They are interested in humanitarian acts like giving parts of their belongings to the ones who are deprived. They are caring individuals, who love showing compassion to the poor, the sick and those in need. People under this sign are mostly reserved due to their meek characteristic.

They are not in to showing off their achievement. They are concerned more about how to develop spiritually in order to maintain a good balance and live in long-lasting peace. Besides, their love for spirituality urges them to read spiritual teachings to guide them through the spiritual quest. Virgos are able to get connected to nature; that is why they prefer to spend some time meditating in wildlife.

Pisces- February 19th - March 20th

Governed by Neptune and Jupiter, Pisces are the Water element of the signs. Pisces are famous for being emotionally reserved, which makes it difficult to understand them. They are hopeful for the presence of life after death, which is totally other than the visible life on earth. They are good listeners and avoid criticizing in spite of imperfections of those around them.

In fact, they have a great interest in human nature, and are aware that each individual was born to be unique. Their creativity is outstanding maybe because of their gifted talent from their deep interest in spirituality. They are introspective; thus, they tend to meditate frequently and pay great attention to what they say in order to avoid offending the others. They are peaceful individuals.

Saggitarius - November 22nd - December 21st

Jupiter, the planet of hope and belief, rules Sagittarius. Sagittarius individuals are devoted to become fully engrossed in the spiritual journey in order to attain inner tranquility. Besides, they like sharing their pursuit of a spiritual truth to those who lack awareness of the invaluable opportunities which are offered by spiritual life development. 

It can be said that Sagittarius people are mostly oriented towards spirituality, if compared to the other astrological signs. To reach their goal, they partake in fasting, meditating, and singing which they do with all their mind and soul. Saggitarius are unwilling to believe any truth unless they have proved it to be right.

Their high interest in spiritual fulfillment makes them interested in following spiritual teachings. Besides, they like to experience different kinds of religions before settling down with their ultimate choice.

The peace ambassador Prem Rawat was also born under the Sagittarius sign. He is renowned for his acts for humanity. In fact, he has been working for peace promotion since the age of 4. Through The Prem Rawat Foundation, he undertakes philanthropic services and gives peace education and support to the most deprived people in the world.